How to banish dark circles

This is a question asked all the time!  And there is a solution. More sleep. No I am only joking. Some of us are blessed with no bags some of us have a constant battle. It’s finding what’s right for you.  I must have spent the last 2 decades in search of the perfect cement for under the eye and I still come back to my old fav: “ Bobbi Brown Corrector


You can apply with a concealer brush or your fingers, there are no rules.  I prefer applying with my fingers as I think it warms the product up and you get a more seamless blend.


  • As part of your skincare routine, apply a little eye cream (if you have time) to hydrate under they eye.  It also stops the concealer from sitting in the fine lines, but not too much!! (I didn’t do this in the video as didn’t feel I needed it on the day of recording).
  • Apply Bobbi Brown Corrector first to banish those purple, blue and dark tones
  • Apply Laura Mercier Secret eyes or Bobbi Brown instant full cover concealer or Nars radiant creamy concealer on top are my faves! The Concealer is there to neutralise and brighten under the eye.  Remember to pick a shade that is a little lighter than the rest of your face so that it brightens (but don’t go to light otherwise you will look like you have panda eyes)!
  • Always set the concealer with a little bit of powder. What this will do is set the concealer so that it lasts longer and stop the concealer from going into lines.  But the key is to not put very much on otherwise youll see it going cakey.  If you are shouting at the screen saying I can’t do this it will dry my eyes out! make sure you use a hydrating under eyes powder.
  • After you have concealed and if you want to even out the rest of your complexion, do so by using a tinted moisturiser or CC/BB cream or foundation.  If you don’t want to apply anything you must make sure that the concealer is blended very well so that you don’t look like you have concealer on and their are no concealer lines.


A question I know you are asking yourselves:

Why apply a corrector and a concealer?

The reason I like to apply both is that the corrector will knock back the purply, bluey dark tones under the eye and inner corner of the eye,  and the concealer will then neutralise what you have applied and brighten under the eye giving you a fuller coverage. e.g. For me I use a peachy tone as this is the best tone to banish purply tones.  You can’t just leave a peachy tone under the eye otherwise it would look odd against the rest of the skin so you have to neutralise it with a concealer to bring the under eye tone back to a realistic shade against the rest of your face.


Top Tip:

If you really want to brighten under the eyes even further use YSL Touche Eclat over what you have applied, however don’t apply too much if you are going somewhere with flash photography otherwise you could look like you have panda eyes!  It is amazing at cheating your way to 15hrs sleep in a pen when applied correctly (especially around the face to brighten it)!


If you dont want to use 2 products or you feel as if you don’t really need a corrector (and that’s fine) you can just apply any concealer like Charlotte Tilburys Retoucher  (which also doubles up as a concealer for the face as well and acts like a plaster on your skin, it really is ridiculously amazing)! Or you can use Nars radiant creamy concealer and Bobbi Brown instant full cover concealer which are some of my recent faves that I will be reviewing soon so make sure you watch out as these really do last all day long without creasing!!!!



Any questions you have please comment below otherwise happy concealing!!!



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