How to curl your lashes

Um helloooooooo cheating your way to 10hours of sleep a day!! Literally opens up your eyes and as Charlotte Tilbury says is a “push up bra for your lashes” and boy is she right.  DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT CURLING YOUR LASHES IF IT’S THE LAST THING YOU DO! Obv finish off with lashings of mascara “go on cheat those eyes open!!!!!


Step 1:

Curl lashes before applying mascara. Make sure you get right down to the root of the lashes.  Hold for 30seconds, give it a little pumping action and then gently lift (as if you were opening up your eye) and then release.

Step 2:

Repeat on other eye

Step 3:

Apply mascara!


If you have never used one of these (as my client call contraptions) then don’t worry in a matter of a few goes you will get the hang of it!

Below is a little demo to help you along your way:



Any questions on lash curling just comment below!


Happy curling!

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