How to apply mascara and choose the right one?

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There are way too many options on the market to choose from, but here are a selection of my go tos….

One of those products that if it were the only thing left on the planet then that would be fine! It’s a game changer for opening your eyes up and defining.   There’s so much you can do with mascara theses days with the different types on the market.  But I like just 1 to do everything.   My fave for the last 4years has been Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes and Chanel.  Charlottes mascara you can build throughout the day and you do not get any flaking or crispy lashes (as I like to call them),  so you can literally add more drama throughout the day without having to take it off and start again!

Step 1:

Curl lashes

Step 2:

Apply mascara starting at the root of the lashes and zig zagging out to coat every lash

Below is a video to show you how to apply your mascara and how to choose the right one for you



I do think though that it’s really personal, so make sure you share the love on your current faves!!

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