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I am asked this time and time again – and to be honest it does occasionally change. However there are a few staples in my personal kit that I CANNOT live without….(work kit is different).

1) Light Wonder Foundation – By Charlotte Tilbury of course! I mean this is an incredible foundation. You don’t look like your wearing anything and more importantly you don’t feel like you are wearing anything! It’s a light to medium foundation and is buildable and more importantly a formula that’s great for your skin too!!! You can wear it as a tinted moisturiser by applying less or mixing it in with Wonderglow Primer.


Also what is great is Wonderglow primer to illuminate your skin and literally wake you up!!!! This can be worn under foundation, mixed in or just on it’s own (no colour).

2) Cream/liquid Blush – I think that cream or liquid blush makes you look more “youthful” and “glowy” and trust me we all want Youthful and glowy. Any creamy blusher will do – my current fav is Charlotte Tilbury Norman Parkinson Limited Edition and her Beach Sticks. I also love Danielle Sandlers Water Blush as they stay put for hours!!!! Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier do some lovely formulas too and Benefits cheek stains like Benetint etc… Go and have fun and see which formula you prefer and let me know!

Image from Daniel Sandler website Image from Charlotte Tilbury website

3) Bronzer – It’s Autumn now and I am definitely looking grey so I literally cannot leave the house without bronzer on! If you get the Charlotte Tilbury one there’s an insane highlighter on one side to give you that fabulous glow!

Below is:

Makeup Forever – Pro Bronze Fusion – this is incred it’s like a powder but doesn’t give you the powdery look as almost buffs into a smooth finish – hard to describe so just go and try it!! Leaves you with a flawless blend.

Nars Laguna – This is their limited edition packaging and extra large size but Laguna has always been a fave of mine – great tone buildable, not muddy and leaves you with a glow.

Charlotte Tilbury – Beach stick in IBIZA – a cream bronzer great for holiday or just to contour with!

Charlotte Tilbury – Filmstar Bonze and Glow – one of my all time faves!!! Plus the highlighter in here is unreal!! I bronze all over with this palette and to contour is seamless!



I have also recently reviewed Chanel’s Soliel tan de Chanel – it’s AMAZING! But I will leave this for my next post.

4) Bobbi Brown corrector Tired Mummy eyes? Tired staring at the computer work eyes? No sleep? Purple bags under eyes? The Bobbi Brown corrector literally banishes them! I always use a concealer over the top to neutralise but seriously this is one incred product! Make sure you book your self in for a consultation with one of the experiences Bobbi Brown artists to get yourself colour matched. Concealers to go over the top of the corrector are ones like Bobbi Brown instant full cover, Nars radiant or charlotte Tilbury. All our very hydrating and extremely longwear and most importantly do not sit in the lines. Make sure you set it with a little powder to ensure it stays put all day long.


5) Lash Curlers: Um helloooooooo cheating your way to 10hours of sleep a day!! Literally opens up your eyes and as Charlotte Tilbury says is a “push up bra for your lashes” and boy is she right. DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE WITHOUT CURLING YOUR LASHES IF IT’S THE LAST THING YOU DO! Obv finish off with lashings of mascara – go on cheat those eyes open!!!!!


6) Mascara: Again one of those products that if it were the only thing left on the planet that would be fine! It’s a game changer for opening your eyes up and defining. There’s so much you can do with mascara theses days with the different types on the market. But I like just 1 to do everything. My fave for the last 4years is Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes and Chanel. Charlottes mascara you can build throughout the day and you do not get any flaking or crispy lashes (as I like to call them) – so you can literally add more drama throughout the day without having to take it off and start again!
I do think though that’s it’s really personal – so make sure you share the love on your current faves!!

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7) Brows: I would feel naked without them on! It’s like going out without your fav handbag! I like Benefit and Charlotte Tilbury


Image from Charlotte Tilbury


8) Eyeliner in water line and tight lining – Define and Line literally changes my look in a heartbeat! Dessert Island product!! I like to place it in the water line and sometimes in the upper water line called tight lining (this gives the illusion of fuller lashes)! I will show you how in one of my videos! Some of my faves are Charlotte Tilbury (bedroom black), Makeup Forever and Urban Decay.




9) Pillow Talk Lip Liner – even if I don’t want to wear a lippy I ALWAYS line my lips and cheat them to full wider lips – colour them in and add a bit of lip balm or gloss and your left with a natural defined lippy! Plus it’s long-lasting!!

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I hope this has been useful to you. I’d love to hear of your can’t live without products so be sure to share the love!!! Don’t forget if you are posting to any social media to hashtag #WAKEUPMAKEUP and #blendandpop














  1. This is a great piece ! I am just about to refresh my make up bag and will definitely be looking for the ones you recommend!!

  2. This post is perfect for someone like me who is useless with make up!! Thank you for the info. Clear, informative and your bubbly personality comes through 🙂

    1. Hi Tash,

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment! So pleased it’s so useful. If there is anything else you need to know please ask!


  3. This was so useful. I’m always looking for products that make me look more awake (and less grey) so I’m excited to try some of these!!

    I’ve not used a cream blusher so looking forward to giving that a go. What’s the best way to apply without it interfering with the other make-up and going blotchy?

    Sarah x

    1. Hi Sarah,

      Thanks so much for your comment and I am glad that this has been useful for you.

      Re. cream blusher – always apply the cream blusher after your foundation. Then set the face with a little powder then go in with the rest of your bronzer routine etc….. If you prefer to keep the blusher dewey then apply powder in the t-zone only.

      You should never apply a cream product over a powder as this is when it can go blotchy and start separating.

      Hope that helps!

  4. I don’t wear much makeup at all but I own a few bits but tbh I think they’re all wrong! I need a refresh so will defo be using your recommendations when I ever get my arse into gear to go treat myself!

    A refreshing easy read and defo fab for us mummys who aren’t makeup bag or makeup aficionados xx seriously I don’t habe a clue what I’m doing! X

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