Golden Globes 2018 – The Beauty Edit

Symbolic tones used for the makeup and accessories



With the “black dress” theme to the Golden Globes supporting The Times Up Movement, there was always going to be a different tone to the evening.  But what comes with the little black dress (albeit and abundant sea of luxury designer labels) brings ample room for a creative flare for beautiful makeup.  The style was overall very pretty on the eyes with the occasional pop of colour on the eyes and lips and through accessorising. Celebrity makeup artist Rachel Goodwin leads us into the symbolic meaning and inspiration behind the use of colour at the Golden Globes 2018:

Purple, Green and White….. why these tones were used throughout the styling:

Golden Globes styling Inspo, image from Rachel Goodwin Instagram


Throughout the styling of the Golden Globes, we saw elements of Purple, Green and White used either through accessories worn or through the makeup.  But the question is why?  I found this out whilst researching Emma Stone’s makeup artist (Rachel Goodwin Makeup) Instagram on how she created her look – and there’s a perfect reason for it!  We also saw Catherine Zeta-Jones and  Zoe Kravitz in green earrings and then back to Debra Messing in strong gorgeous and mesmerising green eye makeup.  Here is what Rachel said:

Tonight my beauty inspiration came from the symbolic colors of the women’s suffrage movement. I wanted to create a make up that would somehow be imbued with the message of female empowerment and solidarity.  “Purple as everyone knows is the royal color. It stands for the royal blood that flows through the veins of every Suffragette, the instinct for freedom and dignity, white stands for purity in private and public life.. and green the color of hope.” Emmiline Pethick-Lawrence 1908

Emma Stone – Getty Images


Debra Messing – Image from glamourmagazine.co.uk

I have gone through pretty much all the images from Vogue to Eonline and I have to say everyone’s makeup looks gorgeous! Not over the top at all.  Just simple and elegant and what I love about a lot of the images including those from Getty are that they appear RAW.  NOTHING appears to have been photoshopped – so you see the skin for how it is – yes ladies pores and everything!! They are real – they do exist and you should really have a look for yourself by zooming in to the images – it will make you feel better that we are all REAL WOMAN and that we are not living our lives through an app that filters our face! We are all human after all.

My faves:

It was really hard to pick out my faves – and from the list of 20 I had to narrow it down so here we go….

Penelope Cruz:

Charlotte Tilbury as we know is known for creating glowing flawless skin:  “First, I like to multi-mask with a clay mask and a sheet mask. I then drench the skin with moisture, massaging the Lancôme Rénergie Day Cream using my angel wing technique and Tilbury-tapping [with] eye cream around the delicate eye area to ensure the makeup goes on like magic.”  We love this Charlotte!! Skin just looks like skin – exactly how it should be done!!!

Penelope Cruz – image from Vogue online


Claire Foy:

I just think this look is beautiful !  Perfect skin (not too much base), subtle on eyes using a beautiful amethyst hue (the purple theme) to enhance her eyes and make them pop.  Brows are natural and not over-drawn, lips are natural and not over-lined and lashes to complement. Take note instagrammers – this is beautiful makeup – no need for strobing like a disco ball or is it baking now???! lol

Jessica Foy – Image from Vogue.co.uk


Jessica Chastain:

It doesn’t all have to be colourless. I love that Jessica has chosen her lips to be the main focus here with the stunning pop of red (and who wouldn’t with that huge smile and incredible teeth)!  Her Skin is flawless, the brows are natural and then complimented by subtle eyes (with a light purple hue) and some lashes.  Jessica’s skin-tone has been kept beautifully fresh.  I think this perfectly compliments what she is wearing and also her Hollywood waves – which are gorgeous!!

Jessica Chastain - Image from Vogue
Jessica Chastain – Image from Vogue


Kate Hudson:

Now who doesn’t ever have a girl-crush on the Hudson?  Definitely my inspo for glowey skin which is beautifully contoured and highlighted.  The eyes have a pop of purple which enhances her eyes and that lip is to die for – I will have to try and find out where it is from (if you know pop me a comment below)…

Kate Hudson – Image from Getty


Michelle Williams:

So beautiful – that no makeup, makeup look – and she looks amazing!!



Margot Robbie:

Another one for a pop of colour.  Still dominating the power of women.  But can we just discuss her Gucci dress – I am sooooooooo in love!!

Margot Robbie – Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


Oprah Winfrey:

We all love her (especially her speech) ! Her skin is stunning and not overdone at all.  I mean seriously – where are her wrinkles and what is your secret Oprah????

Oprah Winfrey – Image from Vanity Fair


Allison Janey:

I just had to put this in here because I am so obsessed with Allison’s Mario Dice gown – I mean WOW – and here is a strong symbol of white.  Plus the makeup is gorg too!

Allison Janey – Image by Neilson Barnard/NBCUniversal/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images


So to summarise it was all about looking natural, skin that looked like skin (for the majority) and symbolic colours used throughout the makeup and throughout the accessorising.  There isn’t usually a theme running through the styling so it actually made for a very interesting discovery and I love that so much thought was put in.

If you have any faves from this years Golden Globes 2018 please feel free to comment below.  And if you would like me to re-create one of the looks above or one that you have seen – please just ask!

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