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London Fashion Week 2018 – The best bits

Colour, Glow, Glitter and Brows - but it's polished skin that stood out...

Ashley Williams Show - (Image Rex)

Polished, groomed and plenty of colour! As we saw at New York Fashion Week the 80s (and 70s) are making a come back – and it’s FIERCE!  Skin also has been a HUGE focus – the no makeup makeup look, where skin that looks like skin and that takes skill!!!  There’s too much awful fake filtering on social media at the moment where you can’t even see a single pore – I mean come on! Work should be posted for what it is (I for one never filter my work – what you see on my Instagram account Philippa Louise Makeup is what you get).  When you see an Instagram makeup skin so smooth it looks like silk with no pores, no lines no imperfections I just think what’s the point it’s not real makeup its filtered rubbish. So thank you London Fashion Week to all the amazing makeup artists out there shouting out the message of letting skin look like skin and not looking like you’ve smothered yourself in 100 layers and painted unblended stripes on your face with highlighted tipped noses (why is there a trend of highlighting a little ball on the tip of your nose it’s so odd)???

Anyhoo – back to why we are here – The beauty edit at London Fashion Week….

Express yourself:

Inspired by Eighties icons Siouxsie Sioux and Annie Lennox, backstage Make-up artist Thomas de Kluyver created this beauty at the Ashley Williams show.  I love the black lippy to compliment… Would you wear this look out?

Ashley-Williams-AutumnWinter-2018 – IMAXTREE Image

The Queen made her front row appearance – I mean how fabulous! (The first ever so we have heard)…..

The Queen front row (Image – Getty)

Hello 70s/80s:

Seen at LuLu Guiness – “The look is very 70’s and 80’s inspired with a pointy bright lip and pink on the cheeks, referencing the 1985 movie classic Desperately Seeking Susan” Sam and Nic Chapman from Pixiwoo designed this look with Bobbi Brown Pro Artist Amy Conway.

Groomed brushed up boy-brows were also a prominent feature as seen all over London Fashion Week and hello headbands – my all time fave!!

Lulu Guinness-(Image – Harper’s Bazaar)

Polished skin, groomed boy-brows:
“The inspiration for this season was raw beauty, with an emphasis on fresh skin, boyish brows and haunting eyes”, Makeup Artist Andrew Gallimore

Isa Arfen – groomed brows polishes skin

Winter Skin:

Makeup Artist Lucia Pieroni explained: “This season, the look is wintry fresh skin, with a natural flushed cheek and slightly groomed brows.”

Christopher Kane – (Image Getty)


Peter Pilotto-(Image Harper’s Bazaar (colour blocking)

Loving the styling below – so 70s!

Salvatore Ferragamo-(Image Getty)

 Glitter and Glow – perhaps a new trend for Glastonbury this year?! I love it!

Preen – Glitter and Glow

Glow Glow Glow:

You all know my love for Charlotte Tilbury – and the Hollywood Flawless Filter is out – and its all about the glow – hello glow. This is so DREAMY!

Temperley-Charlotte Tilbury – Glow Glow Glow

Flushed Cheeks at Prabal Gurung:

This is probably my go to look for every day! You could re-create this similar look in under 10minutes – and maybe even 5 if you cut out a few steps.  I will do a post on how to re-create this look soon…

Flushed Cheeks (image Harpers Bazaar)


What was your fave look – if there are any that you would like to see my re-create please just ask!


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