WAKE ME UP with Laura Geller Makeup

Goodbye tired winter Mummy skin with a beautiful primer & illuminator

Laura Geller - Spackle Treatment, Even Tone Primer

Goodbye tired, wintery skin.  Goodbye fake and filtered Instagram piccies and hello to a very natural glow glow glow!!!!

As seen all over the catwalks from New York to London to Milan we know that the glow is in!  Skin needs to look like skin. I am trying so hard to say GOODBYE to heavy ‘Instagram’ makeup and hello to flawless complexions. I have seen far to many teenagers walking around with stripes on their skin and looking like a disco ball – it’s so bad and it’s not how makeup should be done.  I really am not a fan of the ‘instagram’ look because I don’t think it’s realistically practical to you and me and the girl next door who doesn’t have 50 brushes and 20 contour products and 3hours to spend painting their face in the morning.  It’s time to cheat our way to a beautiful complexion and here are just a few to help you along the way…(my video review is at the at the end of this article and you can view it on my you tube channel Blend and Pop).

Not just a primer, but skincare…and it’s really really good! So is the illuminator – but you’ll need to read on to get to that part – it’s really really fabulous.

Laura Geller – Spackle Treatment primer and illuminator

Laura Geller (a makeup artist to the stars working in film and television) has a gorgeous makeup line, one which has been going 20years.  I have to admit I don’t know a lot about the brand, so when I was sent a few products to test I was clearly itching to find out everything about the brand – and now I am hooked!!! (hello running out of space and may need to call on my interior best buddy designer Sarah Mailer (aka Girl About House) to design me a room dedicated entirely for makeup)!

I am always on the hunt for anything new to make my skin look better and GLOW GLOW GLOW.  Laura Geller was one of the first to bring primer to market.  It has since become iconic like her cult collection of baked cosmetics handmade in Italy (….the baked gelato illuminators below….carry on reading and don’t miss my video…)

I was recently sent the Laura Geller Spackle Treatment, which is an even tone make-up primer.  It has a peachy pink hue and the formulation has been designed for extended makeup wear and for colour-correcting the appearance of skin discolouration. Full of vitamin C, olive fruit and leaf extract blend, these ingredients are strong anti-oxidants to protect your skin.  It is also paraben free.

When we are in full on winter mode and haven’t seen the sun in months and may look practically see-through and grey we can lose some of the natural pigmentation and brightness to our skin so some of us like to turn to the big wide world of beauty to help us get that ‘glow’ back.  I always want to wake up my tired Mummy skin and even it out so this is the perfect option for me and it’s also so hydrating.  It has a peachy golden glow to it which I love as it really does wake my skin up.

Laura Geller – Spackle Treatment, Even Tone Primer

Pop’s Top Tips:

Although it is a primer, it is gorgeous if you use a tiny bit on the high points of the cheekbones before you apply your illuminator – what this does is enhances the pigment.

Laura Geller – Spackle Treatment, Even Tone, Primer – a gorgeous golden tone
Laura Geller – Spackle Treatment, Even Tone, Primer – hand is beautifully illuminated and not shiny
Laura Geller – Spackle Treatment, Even Tone, Primer – this is me with just the primer on

Laura Geller does to a few different primers depending on your skin concerns so If you are unsure please have a look at the below link at her other primers: i.e if you have oil concerns you would choose a primer to control oil, if you have just dry concerns you would use the hydrating primer and so on…

Laura Geller – Primers

Why use Primer?

  • Helps your makeup last longer
  • It smooths your skin texture out
  • Your makeup will glide onto your skin and make application easier with a smoother more flawless finish
  • If your lucky (as we have in Laura’s collection) it may act as a wonderful skincare too!



As we are on the theme of glowing skin, along with the primer I was sent the ‘baked gelato swirl illuminator’.  Now I don’t know about you but I was totally sucked in by the name – gelato! It makes you want to eat it!  The baked texture is so dreamy as it applies like a powder but feels very smooth, like a cream, so for all you dry skin worriers out there this is perfect as it won’t affect your dry skin or sit in any creases (definitely one for a more mature skin too as some powered highlighters can sit in the lines whereas this doesn’t)!

Laura Geller – Gelato Swirl Illuminator in Peach Glow and Diamond Dust
Laura Geller – Gelato Swirl Illuminator


I have the Diamond Dust and Peach Glow.  Diamond dust has a holographic pearlescent purply/pink hue which looks just dreamy on (twinkles a bit like a unicorn in the light but I can’t get the actual effect on my phone you need to get it to see for yourself it’s quite amazing)! I was unsure at first as it looks rather unicorn like but it glides on like a dream and looks dreamy on the skin. See below:

Laura Geller – Gelatto illuminator Swirl

The Peach Glow (which is my fave out of the two) has that gorgeous golden peachy glow and really goes with any skin tone.   Can I just add that both are so dreamy on the eyelids as well.  They are not meant to be for the eyelid so be careful but they look amazing! See below Peach Glow on the cheekbones:

Laura Geller – Gelato illuminator in Peach Glow

Where to apply highlighter:

  • High points of cheekbones and into temples
  • Under brow bone (if you want but only small amounts)
  • Inner corner of eyes to widen and brighten
  • Down front of nose
  • Cupids bow
Laura Geller – Spackle Treatment primer and illuminator

I just have to save up now to treat myself to ‘Gilded Honey’ which is one of the most popular shades…

What are your current favourite primers and highlighters? I would love for you to share the love!


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  1. If my skin can look like yours in the above images then I’M SOLD! WOW! So glowy and gorgeous! At the moment my skin is beyond grey and transparent so I’m all for products that can improve it. Makeover please!!
    P.s. Thanks for the shout-out xxx

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