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Milan Fashion Week – Spring/Summer 2018 beauty trends

Hello mesmerising eyes...

Dior - (image from Dior) - Colour liner

Punchy eye-makeup as we saw from New York to London has translated to the runways in Milan.  It’s safe to say that spring/summer is all about expressing yourself – plenty of colour, silver eyeliner, smokey eyes and dreamy glowing highlighed skin.  We are not playing it safe this year…. let your creative side go wild!

Emporio Armani -(Image Getty) – colour popping

Inner-corner highlighting:

This is a trend that you will want to do on your own on a daily basis.  It opens the eyes up and wakes them up!! Silver was used a lot on catwalk however you could opt for something more subtle like a champagne colour.  Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze and Glow highlighter is fabulous for this!

Tommy Hilfiger – (Image Getty) – Silver inner corner highlighting
Fendi – (Image Getty) – flawless skin and inner corner highlighting

Under Eye smoke:

Under eye smoke and coloured liner – definitely a trend we have seen more and more recently and with the pop of colour being so prominent why not use colour as an under-smoke.  This has always been my fave look since wearing makeup in the 90s so I am glad it’s coming back!!!

Back in December of last year I bought myself a red/burgundy eye-liner (which is actually a lip liner but can also be used in the eyes – amazing) – what I didn’t know was that this was going to be a trend.  Models on the Cavalli runway had the most beautiful and mesmerising eyes in a colour that you would usually run a mile from – get the tone right and your eyes will pop!

Roberto Cavali – (Image – Getty) – strong under smoke red liner

Red and Fusscia tones seen at Antonio Marras by makeup artist Tom Pecheux:

Antonio Marras-(Image Getty) Red and Fusscia tones seen at Antonio Marras by makeup artist Tom Pecheux

Jewelled graphic winged liner seen at Prada by Pat McGrath: (oh and this skin….dreamy)!

Prada – (Image Getty) – Pat McGrath shows us how it’s done!

Missoni – shows us how faux freckles and flushed skin is done:

Missoni – (Image Getty) – Faux Freckles


Marni – Colour and flawless skin  – (this is how skin should look – flawless)!

Marni (Image Getty) – colour and glowing skin

I am now super excited to see what Paris Fashion Week brings us – what were your fave looks?



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