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What you really need to take on holiday with you

Summer Essentials:

When it comes to going away over the Summer I always find it really hard to work out what to bring with me.   My friends also never know where to start and they have 2 kids to pack for so planning their summer makeup essentials is far down their list (if at all present) – so this will help those who don’t know where to start!  Here’s a summary of some of my faves (and  you don’t need them all)!

Summer is all about ‘less is more’ and that dewy complexion.  You want to look as though you have just rolled out of bed looking that fabulous. And really – you don’t want to be spending 3hours getting ready which is valuable relaxing time (well I don’t with a baby hanging around – time is precious right)?!

I never use all the makeup I stash into one ziplock bag (who am I kidding I put the majority in the case), but I always end up packing it for that ‘just in case moment’ – (which is ridiculous considering its so hot and I hate wearing anything on my face and I have a baby so the glam going out days are not as prevalent as they used to be).

What I do know though is that I like to protect my skin so the first thing that goes into my wash kit is my SPF….(followed by James Read’s Tanning products to get me summer ready of course)!

Thankyou to my gorgeous friend Naomi who requested this article 🙂 She is a busy Mum of 2 so packing makeup for her holiday is low low down her list…. I asked her what her must-have summer product is and her response was “I live without anything. Suncream though….. I will take suncream and will wear the kids suncream.” It has to be said since having Poppy my time spent glamming up has been cut in half especially when you are on bath, milk and bed duty!


Skin Care:

  1. Sun Cream: Anthelios Ultra Comfort Cream SPF 50+ La Roche Posay 

I am a big eczema sufferer and react to so many suncreams.  I get blotchy itchy skin and sometimes a hive rash if the cream isn’t right for my skin.  It has taken me 33years to find a suncream that I don’t react to! Why the doctors never told me about La Roche Posay is beyond me – but I am thankful that I have now found my holy grail.


2) La Roche Posay Anthelios Comfort Sun Lotion SPF30 100ml  La Roche Posay

Coming out in a rash all over your arms is never a good look – thank you La Roche Posay for a sun lotion that agrees with my skin!

3) Face Oil – Rosehip and Vitamin C Oil –AKIN

I swear by this face oil as it hydrates and drip feeds the skin with delicious rosehip oil and vitamin C.  I use it under my moisturiser twice a day. Top Tip: use a very small amount around the eye area as it has great anti-aging benefits! “Helps to reduce the visible signs of ageing, sun damage, pigmentation, age spots and uneven skin tone.” (AKIN website)


4) Day & Night Cream – AKIN

Another firm fave of mine from the AKIN range.  Don’t bother taking 2 different creams with you – this does everything in one jar and is infused with anti-aging essentials.  Whilst there is no direct retinol or hyaluronic acid in here there are natural ingredients such as Australian Avocado Oil – rich in vitamins A, B5 and E which help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

5) Soltan After Sun  SOLTAN

I sometimes use this for weeks after I have come back from holiday because quite simply I love the way it leaves my skin feeling. Plus it has mosquito repellent in so a great one to throw on before heading out.

6) Paw Paw Lip Balm – Lucas PawPaw

From someone who suffers from horrendously dry and chapped lips – this really is a game changer – you can also use it anywhere on the body. If I could I would smother my entire body in it! It’s like 8hr cream, for a fraction of the cost and no nasty smell.  Babies can use this too – it’s amazing as a nappy rash ointment and so family friendly !

7) James Read Foolproof Bronzing Mousse and James Read H2O Tanning Mist for face – James Read Mousse

I was recently sent some James Read products to test out (and I will be doing a separate post about my experience), but let’s just leave it here – this self-tan product is quite simply unbelievable !  I hate to sit in the sun so I arrive on holiday and then tan myself  – that way I already feel summer ready. Beautifully scented and lasts so long with a natural fade!

James Read Mist

Just try it. You will not be disappointed! A face tan in a bottle and a fave amongst the A-listers! I used this most days on holiday to give my complexion the boost it needed (as I don’t like to put my face in the sun). It’s natural and never goes patchy.  Add this into your every day routine – once sprayed you can apply makeup within minutes!


1)Lash CurlersCharlotte Tilbury

I never leave the house without curling my lashes – it instantly opens your eyes for that ‘hello I have had lots of sleep look.’

2) Legendary Lashes Volume 2– Charlotte Tilbury

Like it’s other friends in the Charlotte Tilbury family – this really does give 500% more volume – I love how much product moves from your brush to your lashes – this is for you if you want that Hollywood Flutter.  More importantly though for those hot days and muggy evening – it is long-wear, smudge-proof and humidity-resistant.

3) Liner

I go back and forth looking for the perfect liner that doesn’t move and trust me I have tried them all! I even go to the gym spinning, have a spa, have a shower and this bad boy stays in place!!!! Great for hot days or by the pool.

Urban Decay Waterproof black



4) Eyeshadow long-wear sticksCharlotte Tilbury Colour Chamelon

For those who tend to just melt makeup off, Charlotte Tilbury has her range of Colour Chamelon eyeshadow sticks. They are so pigmented and trust me – they do not move! You can swim and sweat through these and you’ll still look as good as new! No brushes needed – just apply to the lid and blend immediately (as they dry quickly)


5) Brows – Charlotte Tilbury

Still my go to brow product for beautifully groomed eyebrows which don’t move.

6) Illuminating Primer WonderglowCharlotte Tilbury

After I have applied my SPF for the face I love to use Wonderglow.  This is your holy grail beauty flash balm in one.  It gives an instant radiance to the skin and just makes you look beautifully fresh.  Can be worn alone, under your foundation or mixed in with your foundation.

7) Complexion BoosterCharlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter

Not really one to be used whilst sunning yourself by the pool – however if going out in the evening this beauty gives you the most insane flawless, poreless, youthful (hello you look as though you are walking around with a filter on your face) effect!  Wear on it’s own or under foundation for that red carpet ready glow!

8) Concealer Bobbi Brown Instant Full Cover Concealer

Never ever leave home without concealer.  Even though Poppy is sleeping through the night, my bags seem to have got worse? Not sure if this is exhaustion or my increase in coffee????  Bobbi Brown just won the 2018 British Vogue Beauty awards for the best Makeup Transformer! – Yes go and get it!  I will always use this over their corrector to get rid of dark circles.  You can also use instant full cover concealer anywhere on the face and it stays in place, never looks caked and never sits in your fine lines.


9) Cream BlushCharlotte Tilbury Moon Beach and Las Salinas

I hate using too many powder products and I don’t really want to faff around with brushes – so any cream products are great for ease of application and also for enhancing that Summer glow!

Blush and Highlighter duo

Charlotte Tilbury Pretty Youth Glow Filter – Pretty Fresh

New to the collection in 2018 – this duo is beautiful as it’s a cream to powder formula and feels so light on the skin leaving you with gorgeous smooth and blurred looking skin.

Pretty Youth Glow Filter in Seduce Blush – Seduce Blush

10) HighlighterCharlotte Tilbury Lightwand 

This is one of my all time fave highlighters! I mean it literally lights up your skin for that Hollywood glow – every time I have this on I get compliments – use it down the nose (lightly) and on the high points of your cheekbones for that WOW factor.

11) Bronzer –

Hello who wouldn’t leave their house without bronzer??? I hate putting my face in the sun so always need something to make me look alive when I go out. Chanel is still my go-to summer bronzer as it’s great for a dewy glow – the formula is beautiful as it’s a cream-gel formula so is never too drying for the complexion.   You can wear it alone for a dreamy glow, under your foundation as a base or over your foundation for that gorgeous outdoor radiant glow!



KIKO is a new powder bronzer I am trying out which is part of their Golden Waves collection – so far I have loved it as it makes the skin radiant.

12) Setting Powder- Charlotte Tilbury airbrush flawless finishing powder

For those shiny days – never leave home without it. This powder revolution has waxes in so never dries out the skin and leaves you with flawless skin by blurring away any imperfections.  You can never see it on the skin so it’s amazing for holiday for that no makeup makeup feel.

13) Lippies- 

These 3 were my go to shades of the Summer.  Even if I don’t wear much makeup I always like to put a lippy on during the day as it just brightens my whole complexion.  This and a bit of mascara is always a winner! Fenty and NARS have great staying power too!! If you want a kiss-proof lippy though you will need to opt for a lip stain. (Some of my faves are from Revlon and Max Factor)

Fenty Beauty Candy Venom

Charlotte Tilbury Coachella Coral

NARS stick in Red Square 

14) LiplinerCharlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk

This shade really does suit all skin tones!  Designed to create fuller, wider lips and a great shade for everyone! I will always line my lips even whilst sitting by the pool – plus it lasts ages !!

Top Tip: Colour the lips in with the liner and add some Lucas PawPaw lipbalm on top for a glossy natural finish.

15) Urban Decay Setting Spray 

Ok – so I have to admit that I left this at home when I went to Italy (eeeeeeeek) – however if you know that you are going to be going out most nights (we didn’t as had the baby and we were on a road trip) – this setting spray is really amazing! It does what it says on the bottle.  It really is an ‘all-nighter!’


I am sure there are loads of other brands that I have left off – however I can’t put them all in here and nor can you fit them all in your suitcase.  Enjoy! If there are any that you can’t live without – please make sure you share them with me.


(All images are from the brands own website unless otherwise stated.)


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