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Charlotte Tilbury's Magic Academy of skincare and makeup

“…there is no concealer on the entire market that does what this concealer does…makeup makes us shine, it makes us shine like STARS . Makeup is so magical it brings out all of our beauty.  It makes us the most beautilful version of ourselves, and it’s makeup MAGIC…” (Charlotte Tilbury Press Day 2018)

If you have just re-read the above then make sure you read on… Guys and girls, it’s here (well almost).  The magic of all magical new products from Charlotte Tilbury. (Make sure you scroll down to the bottom to see the video where Charlotte talked to us at the press event about the magic behind her collection – it’s really quite a fabulous watch)!

I was lucky enough to be invited to the Charlotte Tilbury press day.  It was showcasing her beautiful Christmas collection launching later on in the year but mainly some new products which will be in our shops so soon …. and oh my goodness they are amazing!

Now, those of you who probably haven’t guessed by now, I am totally hooked on Charlotte Tilbury.  Having worked at the company for 4years since the week it launched my loyalties have always been in the right place.  Why? Because as a working makeup artist, Charlotte’s products WORK.  I have never worked for a brand that when I have left I am still as obsessed if not more from when I started.  I work in the world of Weddings, beauty and television and so luxury is key with products that deliver.

Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Academy of skincare and makeup

The following products will be launched later on in August so watch this space! But if you want to get on the waiting list make sure you follow this link to gain early access to the NEW complexion products: (trust me you are very lucky to have this link at your fingertips)!

Magic Away Liquid Concealer – “THE MAGIC WAND OF MAKEUP”

“This is literally the answer to everyone’s dreams and wishes in terms of their skin wishes. It’s like spanx for your eyes” – Charlotte Tilbury

Spanx for your eyes did you say? Well yes darling, read on……

I will be doing a before and after shot of this ingenious product but you will just have to wait for my next review for that… patience darling!

Magic Away Liquid Concealer – #perfectskinday

Now if you know about the original concealer; The Retoucher, (which literally creates a plaster over your skin and has been my go to product for years on all my Brides and clients), you can imagine how excited I was to try Magic Away.  I mean after all who doesn’t want to look as if they have had 15hours of sleep a night, lasting for 15hours, diminishing appearance of fine lines, pores, crow’s-feet, acne, pigmentation… I mean the list is endless.

I love the Magic Miracle Precision beauty blender applicator, it has such a precise tip which is ideal for getting into the nooks and crannies of our facial contours.  You have to twist up the product a few times to get things going but once through a little goes a long way! Very useful that you can see how much product is left with the little peep window at the front… This means you will never be without your concealer as you will know when you have run out before it’s too late and your sitting on a desert island in the middle of Bora Bora (hah I wish), screaming for someone to Fedex you one in!

Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Away Liquid Concealer

The texture is really creamy and blends really well.  It stretches over the skin masking it where you want. Redness, blemishes, under eye bags, imperfections GOODBYE!

Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Academy of skincare and makeup

This doesn’t arrive into your hands until later in August 2018 so you will just have to sit back and wait patiently for this one….plus I will be doing a little before and after with this product so make sure you keep checking back on my blog for this more in depth review.


Charlotte’s Genius Magic Powder:

“It gives you this mattifide look but you look completely lit from within… It gives you an ethereal vale of youth onto your skin” – Charlotte Tilbury 

A light diffusing powder that blurs away your imperfections and leaves you lit from within – hello where have you been all my life powders can never do this! We aways want to boost our complexion with as much radiance as possible and this is usually impossible in a powder. Charlotte I don’t know how you do it?

It comes in 3 colours, pale, medium and dark. It’s the pot sitting next to the concealer below.  Sadly I didn’t get a close up piccy of the formula but let me tell you one thing – it’s amazing!!  I am always on the hunt for the next big thing when powders are concerned. I have used Charlotte’s flawless powder since the brand launched because being infused with almond oil and rose wax it is micro-milled and you cannot (and I mean cannot) see it on the skin.  I am looking forward to trying this more as an every day powder (but I have to wait to get my hands firmly on this before I can do an in depth review of it).

Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Academy of skincare and makeup

Bar of gold – part of Charlotte’s “skin gilding”

Not just one bar but 3 in 1 palette! OMG! White gold, pink gold and yellow gold – and they are all so dreamy! We all would love to look like a Bond Girl right?

Can we get any glowier? For all of you who are obsessed with highlighting and wanting the next big thing when it comes to creating lit from within skin then read on… What I love about these are that you can use them wet or dry. Using slightly wet enhances the pigment and gives it this magnifying effect.  Bar of gold was always a winner for me from day 1 when it launched.  It’s the last product I would use on my clients to bring them from day to night and can be used anywhere on the body.  Incredible used in the corner of the eyes to literally make them larger and across your collar bone and anywhere really!!! I also love to mix the colours too – I mean who wouldn’t want to do that?

Charlotte Tilbury Bar of gold palette
Charlotte Tilbury Bar of gold palette

Pillow Talk Collection:

“Out of all the looks I have done, this is the most akin to a Victoria Secret Model.  The Pillow Talk eye palette brings out the light in your eyes. If you have brown eyes your amber lights will shine out of your eyes.  If you have green eyes they will look greener.  If you have blue eyes they will look more electric.  If you have hazel/green eyes they will look more green.”

The pillow talk eye palette tone is rose-bud, pink, nude/taupe – a palette to suit everyone! I mean of course it is!

I was so busy testing these products out and chatting to people that I actually didn’t get to take a picture! You will just have to all wait until I have this palette in my hands to review it but let me tell you that the majority of the room had it on and everyone looked gorgeous!

I hope you enjoyed my lovely insight to what was quite a spectacular press day and I cannot wait to share with you some more reviews once I get my hands firmly on the products at home.

Just before you go, here is the moment you have all been waiting for…. hearing from Charlotte herself…and this is so good!!! (I feel so lucky to have been part of this wonderful event):

What are you most looking forward to trying from the new collection? I would love for you to share your views with me 🙂


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