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Brides Beauty Hub – Luxury suppliers under one roof to plan your wedding day

Some of the biggest names in the bridal industry were brought together under one roof in one of the chicest hotels in London to help you plan one of the biggest days of your life.  Brides Beauty Hub held at the beautiful Dorchester Hotel was a day I am pleased I didn’t miss, including an inspiring interview by Alessandra Steinherr, beauty experts, free treatments, exclusive tips and tricks, plus everything from skincare and make-up to hair, nails and fragrance, and leaving with a free goodie bag worth more than £100!

I have to apologise that this article is a few months late, however I was very unwell when I attended this event recovering from Labyrinthitis (I should have been in bed but I was too excited to be invited to attend and review the event).  So, with that being said, I have had to concentrate on my health and minimise looking at a screen for a few months to get myself 100% better for beautifying my brides.  Fear not, I am now back to writing and I hope you enjoy my review and that its helps you in planning your wedding day.

Thankyou for having me Brides Magazine 🙂

Lots of Love



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What a fabulous line up of talks….

Being heavily involved in the wedding industry as a makeup artist I am fortunate enough to know many suppliers out there.  So much so that I should really start up my own events company! However, there are always going to be suppliers that I am not aware of and innovative ideas that I may not have come across and new beauty treatments to ensure you are looking as glowing as possible (hello Gold Collagen and Caudalie):

The beauty brands and companies who attended were:

Gold Collagen
Build My Gift
Maison Francis Kurkdjian
Jessica Nails
Mii Cosmetics
Matthew Curtis
Prima Lashes London
Luxe and Hardy – hip & healthy
Dr. Sebagh
Neal’s Yard
Dorchester Spa
Coworth Spa


As soon as I entered The Dorchester I was blown away by the stunning decor by Phillip Hammond flowers and Bubblegum Balloons.

I walked straight into a talk by Luxe and Hardy and Xhale Breathwork about the importance of relaxation on the lead to the wedding.  The talk also heavily focused on the importance of how we need to get off our phone more, I slowly (looking guilty) switched off the record button and listened rather than watching through a blue screen (so no video content for you here)!  I always remind the bride to breathe before she walks down the isle.  Sounds obvious right? The minute you tense up you lift your shoulders your bouquet then seems to be around your boobs and you walk stiffly down the isle.  Taking just a few breaths can make all the difference to appearing (yes appearing) to look as if you are floating down the isle.  It is also so important for the night before your wedding to ensure you have a great nights sleep.  It’s a way of life.  For more information please contact Richie here.

Alessandra Steinherr:

I was so lucky to get a seat to this question and answer session by Alessandra Steinherr – award winning London-based Beauty Journalist. Talking about her new range which was literally launching in Primark that week (I don’t know how you look so good)!


I was so excited that I got to see some of Alessandra’s skincare collection with Primark.  This range is definitely one to watch out for (will be doing a review on her products soon).


Gold Collagen:

“A product that encompasses the Japanese secret to youthful radiant skin…A liquid beauty supplement that contains collagen, anti-oxidants and other active ingredients to nourish and care for the skin.” – Gold Collagen

Who doesn’t want their skin to look the dreamiest it ever has on their wedding day?  I always advise my clients that the most important part of their makeup is actually their skincare.  If the skin is looked after and prepped well the makeup will just glide on and look effortless.  I am new to Gold Collagen but it certainly doesn’t disappoint. The GOLD COLLAGEN range is made of clinically tested and scientifically advanced beauty supplements and topical products, which address different skin needs.


Fragrances which have been going over 260years!!! WOW!! If it’s good enough for the Royal Household (Creed was an official supplier to the Royal Household) then it’s good enough for anyone! You’ve got to admit that it’s not just about the perfume here – the artistic license to the design of the bottles always screams LUXURY!!! Makes sure you treat your fiancé to one of these on your special day – and perhaps treat yourself too!

Spectrum (makeup brushes):

“The experts in bold, beautiful make-up brushes and accessories.”

If you are looking for some new makeup brushes – SPECTRUM have it covered.  They feel like silk – really – you have to get them to know what I mean and the colours are so fabulous that you will end up wanting them all! A great present for your bridesmaids too with the heart shaped bags. Spectrum is a cruelty free brand, who are proud to be Vegan Society and PETA registered.

Build my gift:

Bespoke gifts.  Beautifully wrapped and oozing BUY ME NOW.  Am I the only one who would like one of these to turn up on my doorstep once a month? This is also not just for the bride – the groom needs treating too!! Everything is covered from wedding favours to thank you gifts to will you be my groomsman. And if you read this ahead of Valentines Day you will see they have a rather fabulous Valentines box –


Neal’s Yard Skincare:

“Organic beauty – for healthy skin that glows with radiance.”

Of course I couldn’t go an entire post without mentioning skin care – my absolute must for makeup sitting and looking fabulous for hours on end. A cruelty free brand which is beautifully British – I love everything that Neal’s Yard stands for.  Family owned, certified organic, ethical pioneers and a brand that has NEVER used plastic in their scrubs.  Ever wondered why their bottles are blue. Well, did you know that they make their bottles blue to protect the products from UV, which means they can create purer products with fewer preservatives! Wow now that’s a cool fact for you.  Oh and did you know that “In 2017 we became the first national company to commit to the ‘Refill’ scheme, actively encouraging customers to come in and refill water flasks, to reduce the usage of single-use plastic bottles.” – Thankyou Neal’s Yard for being so damn fabulous not only to your customers but to our planet!



A wedding look (I don’t think) is complete without a few lashes – even a few in the corner which you can take out the same night. If you are going on honeymoon straight after your wedding though I would recommend investing in lash extensions so that you don’t have to worry about your lashes whilst soaking up sun, sea and sangria.

Philip Hammond Florist:

Did you know that florist Philip Hammond is the youngest Head Florist ever to dress The Dorchester? Just go and meet him to look at what he does – you will not be disappointed! One to watch out for…make sure you book early !

Matthew Curtis:

Award winning Matthew Curtis is someone who you should be seeing before the wedding during the wedding and after the wedding – not just for his fabulous hair styling skills but also for the fabulous interior of his salons – you want to live there! I wish I could have pretended to be a bride for the day to be styled to perfection! The Rosewood Hotel London is where you will see one of his salons and recently Chipping Norton which quite frankly looks like a interior designers haven!

Now for a little bit of fun…


I love that time of the evening where you have had a few too many proseccos and you suddenly feel like your are JLO… And the best part is that there is BEAUTY MODE (no need for makeup touch ups then – this will smooth you right over)!


(Image source photobot)

I hope that this has been a useful insight to some fabulous suppliers for your wedding day. There are loads out there so I suggest you do your homework and book whoever suits you rather than who your best friend booked.  Your wedding day is all about you so you need to find suppliers you trust and really who just get you down to a T!

What wedding are you planning? If you have any questions please feel free to comment below or drop me an email


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