About me

Blend and Pop: all about Beauty and Lifestyle.

Launched by Philippa Louise; a professional Makeup Artist and Mummy from London working in the fashion and bridal industry. Working from Bobbi Brown to Charlotte Tilbury, Philippa is known for creating a flawless canvas. Philippa now wants to share some of her best tips and tricks with you, but going back to basics  We are not talking about using 25 products and 25brushes and looking like a geometric disco ball. We are talking about simplicity; easy makeup, no fuss and using very few products.

Image courtesy of Girl About House

Blend and Pop will focus a lot on how you really can fly out the door in 10minutes even with a toddler or baby clung to your leg! (Trust her. Philippa has tried it and it is possible and she WILL be showing you how in a series of vlogs).

With Philippa’s background starting out in the world of fashion to beautifying brides with her airbrushing techniques to working on the Red Carpet, she has a wealth of artistry knowledge.

She brings to the beauty corner the most honest reviews on the most beautiful products today.

Mum to her gorgeous baby Poppy, Philippa gets asked all the time – how do you create a simple look and fast.  She knows that time is precious and so knowing how to create your look with very little tools is key! Makeup needs to be fun, easy and accessible.  We don’t all need to have the perfectly applied brow or perfectly winged liner (we are all human after all).  Making the most of your assets and really understanding what you are doing and what products work for you is where you need to start.

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