Welcome to Blend and Pop…. all about Beauty and Lifestyle.

Launched by Philippa Louise (who has worked on some pretty gorgeous faces).  The help has landed – the honest help – the no fuss help – the only need a handful of products kind of help to decide what look suits you and how to apply it – and fast! We don’t have time in the morning for a full face of slap and contour and disco ball cheekbones – we just need to know how to cheat our way to 5 a day – but the makeup kind.  Philippa will guide you through how to find the right makeup, blusher, lippy, skincare – oh the list goes on and how to apply it with just a few tools in hand!!  The problem is that there are too many amazing products on the market – we just don’t know which way to turn let where to apply out contour line!  There will be reviews and videos and live Q&A – so make sure you tune in when you find that precious moment to yourself…..

Make sure you tag #WAKEUPMAKEUP and #BLENDANDPOP whenever you are posting so that I can see what you are getting up to any questions that you may have!

One of my fave shops in Kensington for all pretty little things GURU EMPORIUM